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Charlene E. Green has compiled her array of short but potent bits of wisdom that are sure to help keep you grounded emotionally and fueled with the inspiration needed to face and hurdle life's daily challenges. Snack on them lightly, or just go ahead and consume gluttonously! You can never overindulge in positivity!


If you've been searching for your true calling in life, then this book will enlighten you. You Are What You Say You Are takes the most crucial elements in the career search and breaks them down simply, yet still gives you the cold, hard facts about what to really expect along the way, and how to deal with your encounters.

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You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life's Mission & Living Your Dream

(companion to Life Mission consultation)


Confronting obstacles with a calm demeanor, confidence, and a solid foundation of faith will be the driving force for your victories. Charlene E. Green shares her stories and powerful messages of conviction, endurance, wisdom, and ultimate triumph to inspire you on your own sacred journey.

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Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges

(companion to Life Challenge consultation)

Wisdom Nuggets