Helping people build strong self-esteem by implementing the courage to pursue their best interests at all times.


This emotional-wellness workshop (formerly titled Poetic Breakdown) is meant to empower people to face and challenge various issues that are likely impeding their advancement in life. Each workshop will feature a different poem, recited by Hustle Diva, whose content will be the basis for a five-question introspective worksheet that participants will complete and then refer to during a lively, stimulating open discussion. The ultimate goal is for everyone to leave inspired and ready to actively pursue self-improvement and enhanced self-esteem in at least one area of their lives—to begin to tackle troublesome areas so they can take steps to build themselves back up in a healthier emotional state. Empowerment and Transformation: Conquering Affliction is not life coaching, nor is it meant to replace clinical therapy. Its purpose is to supply an awakening of the spirit, a push in the direction of honest self-reflection and acceptance of personal responsibility for the resolution of each person’s challenges.


Did you know that you don't need to be sorry for doing what you feel is in your best interest ... even if people don't like it? Is it difficult for you to be yourself and function the way you want because of the pressures to conform to others' demands and desires? This fun, challenging creative-writing/self-help workshop teaches participants the art of confidently defending their right to live on their own terms, without guilt, through the power of the carefully crafted written word. Based on Hustle Diva's poem "Sorry," audiences will leave prepared to tactfully yet firmly close the door in oppression's face ... unapologetically.

 View a workshop clip here.  View an empowerment poetry set here

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