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Start and end your day with Operation Superior Life, my short but effective daily mantras. This soothing positive-affirmation track is reminiscent of a lullaby but functions like an energy drink for the mind: a quick, potent boost. It was designed to rev up your spiritual engine in the morning, with specific wording that covers all the ground needed to send you off to a winning day, and to calmly close out the night, before bed. Your morning and evening dialogue is crucial. It can affect the quality of your day and your sleep. Why not implement a script that propels you toward successful days and relaxed slumber? The mantras are deliberately short, as the idea is for you to quickly learn the script so you can start saying it out loud, with or without the track playing. The spoken word is an extremely powerful route to manifestation. 

Features two options: Mantra 1, which covers health, career and income, relationships, and universal protection; and Mantra 2, an alternate version with the same script but instead covers general financial well-being, for those not in a career/the workforce.

Listen to a preview of the mantras here.      

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