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Many people don't know this, but not making a living doing work that best suits you spiritually is a major self-esteem destroyer. It can be very difficult to feel good about yourself when you're working in a capacity that doesn't allow you to feel comfortable, confident, excited, and happy about the way you're helping the people you serve. While the amount of money you make is definitely important so you can properly support yourself [and your family], in my personal and vicarious experiences, I've learned that having the money without the passion and contentment is usually never enough to sustain ample morale long term. It can take an extreme amount of courage to pursue an ideal work situation, but once you've found and immersed yourself in it, you'll see how profoundly and positively it will alter your physical and mental well-being.

I can help you discover your life's mission: that special service you're here to offer the world in a way that will trigger massive change in people's lives, that you're deeply passionate about, and that no one can or will ever do the way you do. A life mission is not merely a job, and it's more than a career. It's your trademark, your destined path in this life, the "thing" that drives you each day and you can't live without. It's that powerful skill you have that draws people to you because they feel they need what you have to offer.

If you haven't yet found your life's mission, then now's the time. Let's get you started being of service to the world as soon as possible, and in the most effective way. Together, we'll position you to move into and through your mission confidently. Allow me to aid in your journey of discovery through a personalized, in-depth Life Mission Discovery consultation that will put you on the right track.

If you need help putting the pieces in their proper place, refining goals, and mapping out strategic moves now that you've found your life's mission, then set up a
Life Mission Implementation consultation today.

Each service has a mandatory assessment to be completed prior to the consultation, which you will be emailed once the appointment date and time are confirmed. The consultation is based wholly on the information in your assessment. Please submit the following form to get started: LIFE MISSION CONSULT REQUEST. *All consultations include a free PDF download of my book You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life's Mission & Living Your Dream.

Already a client and desire a boost to keep you on track after our consult? Be sure to select the 20-minute Refresh Session option in the consult request!




Helping people build strong self-esteem by implementing the courage to pursue their best interests at all times.