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No one is exempt from experiencing life challenges. While the ultimate goal is to get to the other side and walk in victory, for many people the hardest part of the journey is properly sorting through their spiritual unrest and getting clear about what's truly causing their suffering (which ultimately means uncovering how and why they're not honoring themselves), and knowing what actions to take next. All challenges, large and small, need to be navigated in a healthy way in order to produce victorious results. Being comfortable enough to consult with yourself first about your best interest and healthiest responses to obstacles, and trusting and acting on those answers, is empowering and life changing.

Life Challenge Consulting is tailored to help you identify your spiritual needs/desires within your challenging, everyday scenarios and the fears keeping you from honoring yourself, tap into the courage it takes to confidently pursue your goals so you can strengthen your self-esteem, and provide tools to help you stay grounded while you embrace your self-mastery, unleash your best self, and seek your ideal circumstances.

Many times, the topics I discuss with clients are isolated scenarios within a bigger picture. For example, your overall [lack of] confidence issue may be what you'd like to tackle, but our focus during the consultation would be on a selected scenario in which you're struggling with confidence the most. It may be how to deal with a particular scenario at work, with a spouse or partner, or with a family member or friend; the best way for you to pursue a goal or dream; or how to enter or exit a specific situation with confidence. Through this type of individualized focus, the ultimate goals are to clarify your intentions and uncover the core fear(s) responsible for your defeat in all scenarios related to that particular subject matter. Once the root cause of your suffering is revealed and you focus on transforming it, you'll see positive results across the board in your area of challenge. We can work through myriad issues. The focus will always be on clarifying your goals, fears, and how you can move forward in a way that will best serve your spirit, bring you the greatest peace of mind, and allow your self-esteem to soar. *Please see the Disclaimer section for information about subject-matter exclusions.  

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