Committing to making life changes through a self-development program can be scary. Before you dive in to the deep end of your transformation with me, I want you to feel at ease about what to expect during our time together. The free 20-minute Intention and Energy Assessment is designed to cover several major elements:

1. Details about your chosen service, my system, and how it's intended to help you transform

2. Your advised frame of mind upon commitment, in order to get the best results from your service

3. Clarity on any questions or concerns you may have about me or your service

4. An overall gauging of our energies, to see if we're a match for a successful working relationship

Number four is crucial because I'm not in this business just to make money. I really want to help the people who are ready to help themselves. Our discussion during the assessment is intended to determine your readiness to prioritize your self-care, and whether or not I'm the best catalyst for you.

I also highly recommend the assessment for people who are new to the self-help arena, outside of learning about it in books or other avenues. Working one on one with someone to help you transform your circumstances requires a much deeper level of openness and commitment. If we're not on the same page at the end of the assessment, then that's okay. The main thing is that we don't waste each other's valuable time (and your money!) by taking a journey that leads to a dead end, result wise, for you.

If you'd like to sign up for an assessment, then please submit the following form: FREE 20-MINUTE INTENTION AND ENERGY ASSESSMENT


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